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Centre for Editing Early Canadian Texts fonds Series
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Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

This series consists of three sub-series: correspondence (1979-1995); grant files (1982-1992); applications (1980-1991).

CEECT received two major five-year research grants from SSHRC in 1981 and 1986. There were specific requirements that accompanied these grants, such as a conference on editorial procedures, editorial manual, and publishing a specific number of scholarly editions.


This series consists of two sub-series: Steering Committee (1979-1982) and Editorial Board (1981-1995).

The Steering Committee was the original organizational committee, and was dissolved and replaced by the Editorial Board in 1982.

Le Chien d'or / The Golden Dog

This series is comprised of material created or accumulated by CEECT pertaining to the publication of Le Chien d'or /The Golden Dog. The series includes: Administrative files, Bibliographic material, Photocopy manuscript, Collation files, and Explanatory Notes.

Dissemination of Research

This sub-series consists of three sub-series: CEECT conferences (1981-1993); publicity (1979-1996); manuals (1982-1992). The audio cassettes consist of the CEECT conference series.

CEECT disseminated its research through its two conferences, publicity, newsletters, and manuals. There were two conferences held by CEECT in 1983 and 1993. The first conference entitled "CEECT Conference on Editorial Principles and Procedures" brought all editors and contributors together for first time. Both conferences were concerned with scholarly editing as related to CEECT and other Canadian and non-Canadian texts. CEECT's publicity took the form of book reviews and CEECT-related articles published in major Canadian newspapers as well as scholarly journals.


This series is comprised of correspondence sent and received by CEECT in the course of its work relating to the research, publication, and funding of the project and each text. This series is divided into seven sub-series including personnel (1979-2006); general (1980-2006); editors (1980-2006); Carleton University (1979-2005); Carleton University Press (CUP) (1982-1997); miscellaneous (1982-1999); CEECT related (1982-1995). Personnel correspondence consists of graduate students and assistants who contributed to this project. The general editors, Carleton University Press, miscellaneous, and CEECT related correspondence includes notes regarding the research and processes associated with the publication of the CEECT texts as well as the dissemination of research.

CEECT was in correspondence with major academic institutions, early Canadian literary scholars, Canadian academic publishing houses, and British Commonwealth, United Kingdom, and American libraries and museums through the course of its publishing career. Correspondence with scholars and professionals in these areas facilitated the research for each CEECT edition.

Chronological files

The chronological files record the daily activity of CEECT from 1981-1993, including correspondence with academic publishing houses in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia (1980-1985).

Daily CEECT was in contact with various academic institutions, libraries, and museums in search of material pertaining to each early Canadian author and text from the series. Prior to establishing a publishing agreement with Carleton University Press (CUP), CEECT sought out other Canadian academic publishers.

Centre for Editing Early Canadian Texts books

The CEECT book series consists of the eleven books published by the project and material pertaining to their publication. This series includes twelve sub-series: research (1982-1995); The History of Emily Montague [rpt. 1985] (ca. 1984-1985); Canadian Crusoes, A Tale of the Rice Lake Plains [rpt. 1986] (ca. 1986); A Strange Manuscript found in a Copper Cylinder [rpt. 1986] (ca. 1986); Wacousta or, The Prophecy: A Tale of the Canadas [rpt. 1987] (ca. 1987-1988); Roughing it in the Bush or Life in Canada [rpt. 1988] (ca. 1988); Antoinette de Mirecourt or Secret Marrying and Secret Sorrowing [rpt. 1989] (ca. 1989); The Mephibosheth Stepsure Letters [rpt. 1990] (ca. 1990); St. Ursula's Convent or the Nun of Canada [rpt. 1991] (ca. 1991); Canadian Brothers or the Prophecy Fulfilled [rpt. 1992] (ca. 1990-1992); The Clockmaker, Series One, Two and Three [rpt. 1995] (ca. 1995); The Backwoods of Canada [rpt. 1997] (ca. 1989-1997).

CEECT intended to publish twelve books of early Canadian English prose by ten different authors, half men and half women. Each book required primary and secondary research and had to be collated in order for the editor to restore the text to its original form. Collation is the comparison of several copies of apparently the same edition and typesetting of a text (horizontal collation) and the comparison of different editions and typesetting of a text (vertical collation). CEECT used various methods of collation including oral, visual, textual, and computer-based. The collation process was assisted by the creation of several specialized CP-6 computer programs.


This series consists of CEECT's long-term budgets, including those related to the first and CEECT conference in 1983. Also included is the correspondence between CEECT and various Canadian foundations that made financial contributions to the publication of its texts.

CEECT received funding from Canadian foundations. These funds coupled SSHRC and Carleton University financial support assisted CEECT in employing research assistants, hosting conferences, publishing and distributing its newsletter, supporting travel expenses, and preserving the rare book texts in microfilm form.