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W.B. Herbert's files

This series includes reports, correspondence, legislation, and other documentation used, created and collected by Dr. Herbert in his role as one of the charter members involved in the founding of Carleton University, and its ancillary bodies. Some student journalism essays (1949-1951) are also included.

Research and Reference

This series consists of reference and research material accumulated by Herb Stovel. This series is divided into the following sub-series: Teaching and Instruction, Geographic, Historical: Valentine, and Historical: Rempel.

The first sub-series Teaching and Instruction includes syllabi, course guidelines, correspondence, and readings associated with his teaching positions at Université de Montréal, Carleton University, the University of Vermont, and the University of Victoria.

The second sub-series Geographic includes material related to geographic locations and heritage sites over the course of his travel.

The third and fourth sub-series also includes historic material accumulated by architects Hugh Allen Inglis Valentine and John Ivan Rempel.

Heritage Organizations

This series consists of records created and accumulated by Herb Stovel during his time working for various heritage organizations in a professional and volunteer capacity.

The series includes records related primarily to the following heritage organizations: the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) International and ICOMOS Canada, the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM), the Heritage Canada Foundation (HCF), the Ontario Heritage Foundation, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Parks Canada, and the Association of Preservation Technology International (APT).

Due to the varied nature of Stovel’s activities, there is not always a clear distinction between the organizations, and some of the sub-series overlap.

Institute for Heritage Education and Consulting

This series consists of records created and accumulated by Herb Stovel during his time working as a consultant and with his consulting firm the Institute for Heritage Education. The documentation is comprised of correspondence, reports, and notes on multiple projects. In 1988, Herb Stovel founded the founder Institute of Heritage Education, and was the Executive Director of the organization. The work of the Institute focused on technical consulting, management consulting, education and training.

Projects found in this series include and preparatory documents for the International Symposium of World Heritage Cities held in Québec City in 1991, and work on the Rideau Canal Corridor cultural landscape study, which led to a UNESCO World Heritage designation in 2007.

This series also includes significant material from Mr. Stovel’s time as a consultant for the federal government, notably his work on the development of training programs for the Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office, including the Cultural Resource Management Policy Orientation Training for federal employees. This series also includes Mr. Stovel’s training work for the Government of Ontario and the development of “train the trainers” course on behalf of the ICOMOS Canada Education & Training Committee.


This series consists of material created, used and accumulated by James A. Gibson during his time at the Prime Minister's Office and subsequently at Carleton College and University. It includes: press clippings and releases; memoranda, draft speeches, background papers and foreign policy briefs from his time with Prime Minister W.L. Mackenzie King; as well as memoirs and journal entries from that same time frame. Material from Dr. Gibson's years at Carleton includes: personal and professional correspondence; convocation planning documentation and photographs; orientation handbooks for faculty; newspaper clippings; texts of reports, addresses, speeches, and lectures; issues of the Carleton College bulletin from the 1940s; and other personal mementos and memoirs.

Writings and Memoirs

This series consists of documents, research material and other records created and accumulated by Dr. J. Gibson in the course of his career with Prime Minister W.L. Mackenzie King, and later at Carleton College and University. Included are invitations, correspondence, memoirs and other manuscripts, as well as the texts of addresses delivered and published journal articles. Copies of Gibson's So little time and 50 years on: a remembrance of William Lyon Mackenzie King are also featured, along with a bibliography of his works.

Research & Correspondence

This series consists of research material, correspondence, addresses and publications created and compiled by Dr. James A. Gibson in the course of his professional life in the government, and throughout his academic career. It includes texts of speeches written by Gibson for the Governor General and for Prime Minister W.L. Mackenzie King, as well as official government memos, briefing notes, correspondence and dispatches. Later material includes research notes, working manuscripts and correspondence in support of Dr. Gibson's Léger Fellowship research on the office of the Governor General, as well as his manuscript, The nature of Canadian federation.

Research on W.L. MacKenzie King (Manuscripts & Correspondence)

This series consists of research material created and compiled by Dr. James A. Gibson, in the form of manuscripts, correspondence, and articles and other published material on Prime Minister W.L. Mackenzie King. It includes addresses by King, as well as Dr. Gibson's memoirs of his time serving the Prime Minister. Manuscripts of Dr. Gibson's works "Some little time", both in early book and later published article form are also included, as well as manuscripts of his memoir of King. Also included are numerous book reviews and newspaper articles on King, including the full text of his will published in the Ottawa Citizen in August 1950, as well as the text, and correspondence and reviews of Gibson's 1952 CBC radio broadcast, Mr. Mackenzie King and the blunt pencil.

Canadian Museum of Civilization

Series is comprised of material created or accumulated by George MacDonald pertaining to the day to day operations of the Canadian Museum of Civilization and his role as President, CEO, and Executive Director of the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Inc. The material covers various activities but is primarily composed of media clippings, reports, and memoranda.

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