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Heritage Canada Foundation fonds Series
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Corporate Relations and Fundraising

Series consists of records created and accumulated by Heritage Canada Foundation in regards to the foundation's corporate partners, advertisers and advocates. Records include internal and external correspondence, applications, budgets and financial data, fundraising programs, proposals, publications, and reports.

Heritage Canada Foundation worked with corporate bodies and private partners in order to advertise, fundraise for HCF events or programs, advocate for heritage causes or conduct research. Includes international and American corporations as well as Canadian businesses and heritage associations.

Conferences, Symposia, and Workshops

Series consists of records created by the Heritage Canada Foundation in relation to the Foundation's group education programs from 1973-2004. Records include correspondence, publicity materials, financial records, educational information, news clippings, audio-visual records and speaker information.


Series documents research conducted by the Heritage Canada Foundation (HCF) as part of their general mandate as well as through their regional projects. Series contains records of research completed, draft versions of publications, legal references, published studies and educational kits.

Heritage Day

Series consists of records created and accumulated by the Heritage Canada Foundation on the subject of the Foundation's campaign for a recognized Heritage Day. Records include publicity materials, meeting minutes, correspondence, educational information, and reports.

Main Street Program

Series consists of documents created and accumulated by the offices of the Heritage Canada Foundation. Records consist of correspondence, contracts, publicity, legislation, meeting minutes and drafts for publication.

HCF founded the Main Street Program (1981-1994) based on earlier American models to counteract development in urban downtowns. Jim Mountain led the pilot project in Perth, ON from 1978-1981. HCF executive director Jacques Dalibard (1978-1995) oversaw the program's implementation. The Main Street Program extended to ca. 200 communities. After 1994 the program ended after federal funding finished, but the Quebec chapter continued. At the time of closure Main Street Program had four regional offices: West, Ontario, Quebec, and East.

Heritage Records

Series consists of records relating to Canadian heritage policy. Records include reports, newsletters, bulletins, guidelines, publications and proceedings.

Subject Files

Series is comprised of documents compiled into files by subject by the main office of the Heritage Canada Foundation (HCF) in Ottawa, ON.

Product Marketing

Series consists of records created and accumulated by the Heritage Canada Foundation (HCF) in relation to publicity and products of the foundation. Records include clippings, correspondence, information packages and samples, publications and news releases.

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